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Cockerfight Reform - Is There a Better Option?

"Cockfight Reform" is a book by John G. Martin and Richard F. Smith, two professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. They review some of the Sabung ayam bangkok recent debates about cockfighting and what it means to Americans. It seems that we don't have much of a consensus on this matter. They come down on the side of protecting cockfighting while simultaneously arguing that it should be illegal.

cockfight reform


I've been listening to some of these debates on the radio and watching some of them online and there are some new ideas coming out all the time. However, it seems like everyone is really confused on the issue of banning cockfighting altogether. What do the authors say about this?


"Cockfight Reform" by John G. Martin and Richard F. Smith takes a very simple point of view. It's called the deterrence argument. It says that if you want to ban something, you must make sure it doesn't happen. Therefore, if you think you'll ban cockfighting, then you have to ensure that it doesn't happen in the first place. They use some good examples of how laws can have unintended effects and they conclude that it's probably time to ban cockfighting and at the same time reduce the number of cockfights that take place.


The author of the book, John G. Martin, also points out that while they are saying that there is a need for cockfight reform, they're not suggesting that it's the only thing you should do. They simply want to make a case that making the law more strict will deter people from participating in cockfights in order to minimize their number.


This would be a welcome thought, although I'm not sure how many people on either side of the debate are going to be satisfied with this suggestion. Personally, I'd like to see more than one law applied to cockfights as well as additional regulations on how to breed cockfights and how to handle any resulting injuries or deaths.


At the end of the day, you can probably take my suggestion and hope that American cockfighters have better practices. Unfortunately, you can't.


The new laws will require more fines and more restrictions on the people who participate in cockfights. If you want to be sure that the law is being strictly enforced, you need to have your own enforcement system in place. It's a lot easier to enforce stricter rules on yourself when you're the ones who are doing the enforcement.


The question remains whether you can address the serious problem without involving the state or federal government at all. In some places, the state governments have adopted the idea of making cockfights illegal, but then they also impose stricter fines on the people who participate in them.


Cockfight reform may be an option. But if you take the other side, you have to acknowledge that a lot of people will continue to participate in cockfights and that the solution will involve some form of regulation or enforcement by some third party.

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