Ayahuasca retret in Peru

Ayahuasca is an ancient medicinal plant originating in the Amazon, namely Peru. It is a thick brown tea originating from Caapi, a vine that grows only in the rainforest. Caapi vines are mixed with plant leaves that contain hallucinogenic properties to create Ayahuasca.

Popular Ayahuasca retret in Peru

The Ayahuasca ceremony requires for ezample drinking a hallucinatory tea or vine mixture under the guidance of a respected shaman, for a long night spent in deep relationship with higher intelligence and understanding of your true self. Ayahuasca is a native of the Amazon and is legal there were retreats and ceremonies take place, but not in the United States where the stage is still underground and mysterious. If you are considering participating in such a journey, get ready to meet divinity, infinity, mystery or whatever you want to name. It is the one that is beyond the limited perspective of your mind.

You must also be willing to accept that a divine and infinite mystery cannot be experienced in a way that will make sense to your brain. In this case, the infinite is infinite while your brain is still finished.

Peruvian ayahuasca

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